North County Bobcat Elite
BGHS Wrestling Rm
Upstairs/Side door
Left of main entrance
300 West Main Street
Battle Ground, WA 98604-9178
North County Bobcat Wrestling
Welcome to the North County Wrestling team located in Battle Ground, WA.  We are excited to announce that we have expanded our club and are now offering both grade school and middle/high school programs at Battle Ground High School.   These teams are developed to serve the greater north Clark County area and provide a positive, self development experience for youths ages 5-18.   

Our Goal
Our goal is to teach children the fundamentals of Collegiate, Freestyle and Greco Roman Wrestling while experiencing the satisfaction of commitment, team support, and personal development.  We learn to set goals and provide the framework to accomplish these goals.
Wrestling Styles
Collegiate wrestling (Folkstyle) is the traditional style of wrestling exclusive to the United States.  In collegiate wrestling the objective is to control your opponent in both the standing and partier (down) position.  This is the style of wrestling you will see in middle school, high school and college competition.  Freestyle and Greco Roman styles are both the international styles of wrestling.  These styles focus more on the standing position and are considered a more explosive form of wrestling.  In all of the above styles, the ultimate goal is to pin your opponent by forcing  both shoulder blades to the mat.Click here to add text.
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